With this exceptional piece of jewelry - a replica of your vulva true to life - you connect to your pristine essence and make this powerful, diverse, delicate and fascinating mystery perceptible to you and others in a most unique way. 

«By taking the cast of my yoni I could access my femininity in yet another way. Thank you for this healing experience» - Manuela

A portal to your uniqueness and origin.
A treasure of beauty and strength of the feminine.
An inspiration for removal of taboos of the female power.
Enclosed in a unique, exceptional pendant. Materials are freely selectable and range from ebony and silver to gold in several variations. Find out more...

Tantra Massage

«...your massage has triggered so much liberation inside my body! Sexuality keeps getting more and more beautiful! Thank you sooo much!»  - Sarah

Dive into your being supported by attentive care. Let yourself be touched in a safe space. A journey that can open up new realms, establishing a deeper connection with yourself. Together we explore where the journey leads. Be it to give your eroticism and sexuality more space, for you to be carried by comfort, or for whatever feels important and right to you in this very moment. I will support you intuitively through the realms of your essence.

A journey either lasts one and a half hours or two hours and costs 330 and 440 Fr. respectively. The venue is near the city of Zug and can easily be reached by public transport or car. You can book a session by clicking the link at the very top in case you already have a profile otherwise please register first.


Janine, qualified tantra massage therapist IISB®

Register for certified Tantra Massage, Bodywork & Counseling (https://www.trustedbodywork.com/)

I am a member of the «Förderverein Tantramassage Schweiz» and work according to its principles

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